London Cycling Club
Due to Covid-19 the next LCC Ride on 06/07/20 ( Sunday ) starting at 08:30 going East from Greenway Park and riding to Dorchester 57k, Thamesford 82k, Thamesford 95k and Woodstock 115k .... is CANCELLED.

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The LCC publishes a weekly Newsletter to keep the Members informed and you can read a sample here.


Sunday, March 31st - 9:00 am (start point Greenway Park)
You must be a registered LCC member to ride. Please go to!/events/london-cycling-club-membership-2019?mc_cid=60997cbc48&mc_eid=120d17f2c2 to register.
Short - Delaware 40 km
Medium Short - Komolka 59 km
Long - Ilderton 76km
Please see the website for links to RidewithGPS to print or download the maps.
Decisions will be made by 8pm on Friday evenings if there will be ride changes due to predicted wind. Please make sure you're checking the website.

Please note:
The normal starting point for LCC rides is GREENWAY PARK. We have been referring to this park/parking lot as Saturn Park (which is incorrect). Turn onto Greenside Ave from Springbank Drive... continue past the water treatment facility and past the dog park to the parking lot at the end of the road. All of this area is called Greenway Park.

Ride with GPS
Please see the separate e-mail that covers Ride with GPS. Our club membership to Ride with GPS is set up so that only LCC members have access to our routes. Requests will not be approved until LCC membership has been confirmed.

It is important that you are carrying identification with you when you are out cycling, in case something happens. While there are a variety of options (write out the information and put it in a little ziplock bag and tuck into your bike bag, write it on the inside of your bike helmet for example) in an emergency situation, having important information easily accessible is important. RoadID is one company that offers ID bracelets (including things that fit on Apple watches, Fitbits, and more) and shoe tags (though they don't fit on cycling shoes). Members of the LCC will have access to a 20% off code starting on APRIL 1 (until May 31st) Check out RoadID at the link below. The discount code will be provided to the 2019 membership list starting next week.

3rd Annual LCC Photography Contest
More information to follow, but... here's the basics! Photos taken by LCC members in 2019 in one of two categories:
* Bikes and Places - photos featuring bikes and the landscape of Southern Ontario (no people!)
* LCC members - photos featuring LCC members doing LCC things
Start taking those pictures!! Deadline will be in October, with the winners announced at the AGM.

Also - apologies up front if you are receiving two copies of newsletters and other e-mails.... That will stop as I merge 2019 and 2018 lists. Thank you for your understanding.

Message from LCC President:

Hi everyone:

Only one Sunday and riding season will officially start! Can’t wait. In addition to the board members I introduced in my last newsletter, I am excited to inform you that Janice Macdonald has joined the London Cycling Club Board of Directors in January 2019. Janice brings with her a wealth of knowledge in different areas such as marketing – health – fitness. She is a trainer at different London YMCA branches and teaches different classes including spin classes. She is an 5 times Ironman and was on the Canadian Master Women’s over 55 Volleyball Team competing at the worlds in Brezil 2016. We are ecstatic to have her on board.

The 2019 Spring Kick-off Brunch is this Sunday. I am really happy to share that over 60 members have signed up for the event. We will be sharing some great new programs that the club will be rolling out throughout the season. These new processes are a direct result of the survey. Thank you to those who took the time to complete the survey, your responses have directly helped us in shaping our actions and initiatives this coming cycling season.

Please continue to check your LCC e-newsletter for important information as this communication vehicle reaches all members. Also refer to the website every week as we will be posting new programs and related information under the member’s tab.

I look forward to seeing you on the road.